Monday, 4 April 2011

Blossom April 3 remembrances

a tiny blossom tree papered in explanations

visiting the barn today drifts of yesterday's dancing people the empty landscape

Yumino in rasberry tragic heroine of the open skies, pond and tree
B transforming inwardly into primrose, petal, bird
Laura a miniature history of geographical change laid out in a pig pen, anchored with a dark earthing
Sophia traveling through, lilting, backing and forthing, body catching a living rhythm, blossoming with the field
Maggie a dark figure standing in straight trees, strong and still
a glorious run across an open field suddenly written on the edge
clare a youthful door opening and shutting like blossom, bee, wasp and wasp nest skirt
jo blossom of wild pear tree
drifting of paper tongue in wind
louise listening, watching, gently being there

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