Tuesday, 9 January 2018

January 7th 2018

whose trail Tight- rope wate-r sod oak leaf on spread thistle point its own fairytale prick to sleep to dissolve to

Swirl swirl of mud in upraised leaf water swirl of ash vapour inside and outside body swirl and moisture folding in and under dissolve and form and dissolve

bare hedge opening

walk wide legged, soft footed ground sogging at each step boot, foot, rooting upwards my legs allow the feet to go mud descent dry hooked hawthorn wind blown off course stand firm and low allow mud slippage head caught, hand caught gather-puddles

Trees torn off branches take large ones and untangle hook them on body twice one falls a piece stays like hair other falls on top a graceful shaping of lines a coupling

the loose part some forgotten memories I hang on living low branch to be in air

the next broken branch I hook it hangs the last larger one I push up through empty branches till it sticks

 move away three hanging limbs

 then the large one falls to earth as winded trees do not meant to stay or try to mend the broken branches so many bits to break off what is left the autumn tree enjoying the sun and deep down replenishing its roots for spring

 Place a wind fallen branch on each wooden fence post balanced in the middle so they sway building my own trees my inability to recreate nature I imitate it Mending? making with broken bits man -tampered wind -witched Hand -gathered How to repair I build a row of trees from broken pieces probably the only way in this world’s story

 dead vines seem fragile these entanglements are strong and ungiving they want to hold on