Monday, 4 May 2015

12 April 2015



We surrendered to sound.  Wide open field of listening then a tuning in and back out again, ears pressed against trees and earth, responding with our bodies. Other creatures hearing ourselves.

Awash in the pine sea
finger waggling, body jerking jazz dialogue with a bird

22nd February 2015


poem by Clare:

the tree takes its death slowly

I am sheltered under a tree that has not finished falling
earth hangs, thread -roots over head, not under feet

I am under the avalanche of torn apart mud lava 
view changed to ground level, skin level, soil

I hold a fallen tree on my back, cannot hold this fall
a beech blanket, flesh open to air for the first time

I lie under a fallen tree leaving 
if it broke now I would die

a hidden earthing

Words by Sophia

Thank you all for sharing your giggles, movement, ice, badger bracken, skipping, fence demolishing, dances, food stories. I made us all the sap ointment,  so Christa could take hers home back to Holland.

Hazels  swaying  high and tall
my body reflecting the motion
of wind taking the whispering 
till I can' t feel my own dance
just the to and fro
and softly back into pause
with grass icescape ice sky
wet bark fragility