Monday, 4 June 2012

clare's heart

laura in deer lair

Jo's Invitation

june 3 2012


I carried a heart in my hand
as light as a wild rose petal
I laid it on a huge spreading leaf
and from the inner corner
tears of rain fell

I carried a heart in my hand sideways,
 held sideways

I need a boat made of old skins
the mast is air
there is a rope like a vein
it carries three flat hearts

the anchor slips between my fingers

lying head back in the pond
I held a star flower between my hands
all sky was earthed around with plants
my shoulder blades ached and sawed on the brick edge
rain pin-printing my face
every cell responding

I sent my boat to sea
a never ending

as I walked onto a journey
I came across an abandoned body
giving itself wholey to the ground
the red lit dock leaf I had taken on my travels
traced this magical giver

I gated and into a field
lone blue figure near the stream noise

and I found many ways
to carry my heart
red marks
and on