Wednesday, 9 September 2015

6th Sept Migration

A change in the landscape 
moving from place to place 
into pausing … 

a  boundary.
Transition into the next  

Shaping the backbone of foraging 
leaving trails of seeds 
to be grown into new plants  
creating new land 

by Sophia

Monday, 7 September 2015


The journey to the barn
familiar, inevitable
the others I pass and am passed by them, then alone
The Barn I hold in my heart and mind - a vision of cream and thatch in a wild green garden
I am drawn to pressing myself against the barriers to the meadows -  the warm wood of gates and springy touch of barbed wire.
I see a flock of black cows taking off following the largest in front, gradually slowing to all graze again.  The one at the back is white - does it know?
An abandoned black boot at a foot gate. Forensic
I see a family sitting in ‘our’ meadow and I am indignant. I stop dancing and walk
Eventually arriving at The Barn.  It has man-made grey rubble newly laid down for cars leaching away my vision.

By Bee

Sunday, 6 September 2015

DIL Sept 7 2015

DIL September 7 2015

Clare, Bee, Yumino, Sophia

theme   migration

cat horse dog human car plane tractor
dead rabbit
bird feather dragonfly
mushroom blackberry
everything needs a migration
leaves trees fallen trees open apples
shadow blaze light
trudge of walking
crossing borders boundaries
limping ground shifting
roll a stone with foot
throw crab apples
a field of yellow
so few birds
smell of horse pooh & garden flowers
children on horses picnickers
cars going and parked
wires taking power and framing
post box, letter box
rubbish glass
nettles seeds
each touch is a migration
sound of birdsong
cry of buzzard
water under bridge puddle
stream going onwards
gate open and closing
hope and death