Monday, 7 February 2011

Dancers in Landscape Vision

Dancers In Landscape
'my way is not to imitate outward forms of nature, nor use nature as a backdrop, but attempt to reach into the deepest places inside myself that emphasise and empathise with its basic processes.' Anna Halprin

A core group of dancers across East Sussex have created a network/collective to further work in the natural landscape. It comes out of an instinctive desire to dance in community, responding to, and relating with, the earth. We are looking for a deep ecology of moving, listening and witnessing our natural environment through the body.
The work is a creative sourcing that brings resonance to our separate work as independent makers.

…our vision is partial, fleeting, mutable , and transformative. We get, at most , a glimpse now and then of a body at home in the soft lap of the earth, one foot in a puddle and one in a dream…. Barbara Hurd

We welcome hearing from anyone who would be interested in knowing more about the network

Maggie Harvey & Clare Whistler Co-Anchors for email & DIL blog

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